Water slowly flows through small stones and pebbles. The spring is situated on a hillside with a view of the Grant River.
Nearest Address

8910 Hwy. U, Cassville, WI 53806
Directions from the Nearest Address

Because the spring is located on private property, you will need permission to enter the spring via the 8910 Highway. U, Cassville, WI address. The dirt trail runs south across the highway to the farm address. It leads to pasture land high up on a hill that overlooks the Grant River. In the summer, this river is very popular for canoeing. The trail runs about 3/4 the length. To find the spring, you must turn left and follow the slope toward the river. It should be found near the intersection between two barbed wire fencing lines.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Grant River Scenic Beauty Spring Map
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7400, County Rd U, Potosi, WI 53820, US

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