PVC pipe comes out of the ground at a road pulloff. A display case describing Mr. Hammill is located 50 feet from the spring. It's very nice and you will find others there. In the Tombigbee Nation Forest. Each month, the forrest service tests it.
Nearest Address

Highway 25, Starkville, MS 39762
Directions starting from the nearest address

It's located about 20 minutes from Starkville, on Hwy 25.
You can find driving directions from Starkville right here
(Zoom in to "Terrain", and the spring will be labeled on your map.
Going south on Hwy 25, you will see a sign for Morgantown.
Follow the road straight until you see the first left turn. The spring is marked by a small sign.
Continue following the road (it becomes gravel) until you come to a pull-off on your right.
Vital Information
Hours of Spring Open
Map Link: Hammill Spring Map
Submitted By: William Cleveland


2337, Hamill Hill Rd, Louisville, MS 39339, US

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