TRANSPORTATION: Hampstead Heath, OVERGROUND is only 25 minutes away and Hampstead Heath, 30m. Hampstead TUBE is a Northern or black Line. Bus 24 also stops 35 m from the intersection of Oxford street and Tottenham Court Road (Stop A) (suggested).
However, the nearest Post code is Kenwood House,Hampstead Lane London NW3 7JR. The seven ponds at Hampstead Heath are your reference. The spring is directly above these ponds. Move to the NE corner. Follow the hedge lined with trees to either the South or downhill.
Just before you get on to the asphalt, you will see a well-looking structure of clay around the spring. Water is coming out of a tube. This is
This water is very metallic. The iron can be smelled and seen in the water. I have been drinking the water since 2005. Personally, I think so.
Due to the high levels of metals in this water, it might be unsafe to drink. However, who is going to do that? I visit the spring about 1-2 times per month.
I brought back 10 L of water in two jugs each month. I used this spring water to "cut" my water 1:15. This means that 4 L of the 5L jug will contain filtered water and re-energized water.
A 1 L spring. This is my only method, please use what works for you. Wild foraging is another observation.
Just downhill from the spring, it's lush and amazing. The spring water is what you get when you bathe in the ponds. I like to bring a hose during the summer and connect it with the tap. Then, after a pleasant walk in the Heath I spray myself down. Enjoy!

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