The spring was tested years ago by the homeowner of the adjacent house. Paul is his name. Paul, his name is. He had burned the test results in the winter before and gave me the thumbs up. Paul stated that there were traces of fecal matter within the spring. I can't give any details at this time, but that it is likely to be salamanders. The spring drains into a small pool, which is partly underground and partially covered with stones and a metal plate.
Nearest Address

310 Panhandle Road
Directions from the Nearest Address

From the 251 Old Marshall Highway turn onto Panhandle Road. There will be a sign for Prama Institute. Keep going up Panhandle until you reach the first driveway to your right. The spring will emerge into a doggy-bowl at the bottom.
Vital Information
Hours of Spring Open
Map Link: Hemlock trail spring map
Shawn Feehery


60, Catawba Dr, Marshall, NC 28753, US

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