We have yet to find a more amazing natural spring in Ontario. Beautiful surroundings, very low TDS and delicious tasting. Its vibrant violet-bluish colour reflects its high state of vitality. I found zero results on Total Coliform or E. Coli in the water sample. This magic water is exactly what our bodies need.
Nearest Address

538 Rochester Lake Rd.
Directions from the Nearest Address

This spring is behind some trees and is not visible from roads. Follow these directions carefully. The nearest address is 100 feet away from the spring. Keep on the same road as 538 (west side) and continue your journey back towards Kearney (north) to reach the wooded areas. The spring can be found about 30ft inside the trees.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Submitted By: Mo Rosati


, , Kearney, ON P0A, CA

Don't Forget Your Filter

Life Straw removes 99.999% of waterborn parasites so it is essential if you're drinking from an unknown water source. With proper use it provides 4,000 liters of clean and safe drinking water.

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