The Public is not allowed to enter (since 1962).
Hot springs resort once flourishing that had a dance floor that was so popular it outsold the hot springs. Lidy, which was bought in 1962 by a family interested in mining, was unfortunately converted into a mining material processing facility.
Here is the entire history (with photos) of Lidy Hot Springs.
NASA visited Lidy in 2002 in order to study Archaea Microbes, a single-celled bacteria found in hot springs. It is most common in Idaho hot springs. Archaea microbes, the only form that can survive without carbon or sunlight, are the only life forms on earth. So how does Archaea get their energy, you ask? Hydrogen gas.
Find out more about the NASA Microbe Study was.
The resort buildings were built before 1962.


, , Monteview, ID 83435, US

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