Here's where I revealed the location of the secret water source that I used to get my drinking water while in Los Angeles. It is the best water available. I recommend it to anyone who lives in Southern California.
To reach the top, go east from Los Angeles and take Highway 2 to Angeles national Forest. Continue driving for 35 miles, until you reach mile marker 65.28. From there, turn right onto Highway 2. Park there and then hike up the steep hill approximately 200 yards.
GPS coordinates are 34 20 41 N - 112 52 7 W
At mile marker 65.5, a trailhead leads to Little Jimmy Camp. The spring source is just a few miles beyond. The hike is approximately one mile and a half. This distance makes it hard to transport a lot of water back to your car. But, if you decide to choose the last option, here are the roadside GPS coordinates: 34 21 10 N-117 50 7 W
It doesn't matter what you do, the water is definitely worth it.
Here's a video showing me harvesting and talking to people on the spot:


, , Valyermo, CA 93563, US

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