It is hand-pumped from a spring that you can hear underground, and it has a lovely taste. It can be found on the west side Little Yellowstone Park. There is also a campground that you can spend the night at. The spring has a parking area and a walking trail. A beautiful creek flows through the grounds. You can hike up the beautiful hillside that leads to the park, which is located in a large valley.
According to a local geneology researcher, the spring used be free flowing. When the old highway used go straight past it, everyone would stop to fill water containers. The water is still great, although I'm not sure why they installed the pump device. Fargo (ND) is approximately one hour and 20 minutes NE.
Additional info:
Nearest Address

54th Street SE Kathryn ND 58049
Directions from the Nearest Address

It is located on Little Yellowstone Park campground's west side. The campground is located 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the main road. As you climb the hill, look to your left for a gravel road. This will lead you to the spring. The cows that are grazing in a pasture near the gravel road is a common landmark. A sign will warn you that chemicals and hazardous materials are not permitted beyond this point.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
46.51772 -96.27806
Map Link: Little Yellowstone Spring Map
Crystal Dawn.


5316, 117th Ave SE, Kathryn, ND 58049, US

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