Maple Grove Hot Springs is found along the Bear River at North End of Oneida Narrows Reservoir's scenic Oneida Narrows canyon, South Eastern Idaho.
Maple Grove offers 2 large soaking bathtubs and 1 large therapy swimming pool as well as a range of amenities. The rock-and-mortar tub shown above is approximately. The rock and mortar tub is approximately 14 feet in diameter, with a rock bench.
Maple Grove Facilities
Overnight Lodging (in a converted 1955 Detroiter bus), Patron Kitchen, Showers. Changing Rooms. Soaking Supplies. Swimsuits. More. Convenience Store. Motor Coach Parking. Boating Facilities. Other Overnight Lodging Options.
Hot Springs Pools Hours
10am - 10pm 365 days/year!
Maple Grove Hot Springs Overnight Accommodations
There are camping and overnight accommodations available. For reservations, please email us or call 208.851.1137.
Visit to learn more.
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, , Thatcher, ID 83283, US

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