The water was tested by the local water filter outlet. Additional to the information above, I was informed that the alkilinity level in the water is 170. The city average is 70. The hardness is calculated using calcium and manganese. A nearby waterfall was 6, but I didn't ask.
Nearest Address

A little bit before mile 109 of the Turnagain Arm there is a pull-out on Hwy and a spout sticking out from the mountain rocks face.
North side of highway across from a Pullout. Within a few hundred yards, Mile 109 highway marker is Anchorage side. This is the South end Anchorage's Seward Highway. It is situated just South from McHugh Creek, Beluga Point, and McHugh Creek.
Directions from the Nearest Address
Follow the Seward Hwy to Potters Marsh, then McHugh Creek. Look for signs soon after McHugh Creek. When you reach mile 110, be sure to keep an eye out for the pulloff and the spring tube on your left. You may also see a line gathering water.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Mile 109 Mountain Spring Chart
Submitted By: John Peck, Crystal Hutchens


, , Indian, AK 99540, US

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