This spring is located just outside central Osaka. This location is very easily accessible and locals regularly collect water there. A spigot as well as a drinking trough, with a canopy and drinking cups. This is a beautiful place that is worth a visit.
Nearest Address

@618-0011 Da Ban Fu San Dao Jun Dao Ben Ting Guang Lai 3Ding Mu 10-24
Directions starting from the nearest address

Walking down the road to Minase Station on the Hankyu Line, follow the rail line heading NE. You will eventually reach a five-way intersection with a road running under the rail lines. This intersection should take you about eight minutes. You should turn left, but not too far, and continue down the road until it ends at a T. From there, you can walk left. The shrine should be clearly visible. The Shrine entrance is to the left.
Vital Information
Hours of Spring Open
According to my knowledge, it is available 24 hours per day. It is located on Shrine property. Monks live there. I don't recall seeing any gates. I would suggest that it be there during daylight hours.
Map Link: Minase Shrinespringmap
Spencer Hawkes.

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