Moore Wilsons Piazza is home to a small treasure - an artesian water fountain, which provides pure, unfiltered water from the depths of Wellington Harbour.
Thomson Lewis and Co., a soft drink factory, ordered the well. The water was used to make ginger beer, cordial and aerated waters.
Moore Wilsons spokeswoman Terry Christie stated that when the food store took control of the site, the well was capped. But Grahame Moore, co-owner of the store decided to reinstate the well.
According to Mr Christie the fountain is valuable because it records the history of the site.
Lis Cowey loves water and is a Moore Wilsons regular shopper. She always remembers to bring empty bottles with her when she shops at Moore Wilsons. "I was born in Christchurch and I'm familiar with artesian water."
She enjoys the pure taste of water and uses it to make her Soda Stream. "It's as good and as expensive as any other water you can buy."
Moore Wilsons advises fountain users not to drink more than 2 litres at once. A donation box is available for those who wish to make a voluntary donation. By November 2013, $4760.50 was raised by fountain users to support Wellington Free Ambulance.
Mr Lewis requested that Bill Brogden from Manawatu test the artesian waters.
Geologists had dismissed any possibility that Wellington might have artesian waters. This led to Mr Lewis drilling to an unprecedented depth of 151m.
Moore conducted research and discovered that the water is clear, colourless and odourless. It is believed that it originates from under Wellington Harbour in the Wairarapa. The flow has not been affected or diminished by floods.
After the 1929 Murchison earthquakes, the only noticeable change in the water quality was a brief period of cloudiness.

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