The spring was a major supplier of ice during the days when there were no railroads in the area. Ricketts Glen is home to 13 waterfalls and offers hiking trails that cover an 8-mile route. Lake Jean is a beautiful lake located at the summit of the Mountain. It has an island in it. It offers swimming, canoeing, kayaking, camping, etc In the surrounding area, there are many great antique shops. I have bought several glass 5 gallon wine or water jugs from these antique shops. The best time to visit is either summer or fall. You will find plenty of yard sales and vegie stands along the roadsides. I grew up below Mt. Springs, and am very familiar with the forests there. Should you ever get the chance to travel to this area, my husband or I would be happy to guide you.
Nearest Address
Ricketts Glen State Park , PA
Directions from the Nearest Address
For more information, please Google "Ricketts Glen State Park" in North East PA. The water spout can be seen off the highway as you go up the Mountain towards Lake Jean. There is also an excellent sping fed lake a few miles away, which is known as Mt. Springs The pond is located on the right side the highway, just past Lake Jean. Mt Springs is located in the woods a few kilometres away. It is a dirt road.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Mountain Springs Map
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