This Spring is also known as "Mt. Blue Spring is also known as "Mt. The park provides water from the Aquifer. It can be found in a hut with 3 faucets that limit the water flow. It was not "sucked" from the earth like a water well. One of the rangers said that it is an aquifer. The water flowing out is ripe, and the 3 faucets limit it. However, there was an issue with the pump (7-3-09). I believe this will be resolved soon. The reason why the pump is present is still a mystery to me. But it is supposed to help maintain the flow of the water, and not suck it out from the ground. I was able, however, to get a good trickle of water on the day that i was there. As with many springs, the pressure changes as well. A couple from the other side stated that the flow they saw wasn't as good as they were used to. However, the ranger assured them that it had been working well the day before. The park ranger said that the spring is a well-known source of water for many, long decades. He also mentioned that residents travel from far and wide to fill it with water. He provided me with a test page at the Visitor Center. However, he did not provide me with an additional one. He indicated that another posting is available of the test results (mineral content/ppm). The water was located at the hut, but I forgot to check for it (didn’t see it). This water was exported to all parts of the world around 100 years ago, according to the ranger. He said it was the best water available. I must say, I liked the taste of this water more than my normal source of water in Exeter NH (oak st. Extension), but it's too early to vote.
Nearest Address
Wompatauk St. Park Union St. Hingham, MA 02043 (781) 749-7160
Directions from the Nearest Address
Vital Information
Hours of Spring Open
The same hours as the park (don’t ask). You can call them at the following number: (617) 749-7160 oder (617-895-8245
Map Link: Mt. Blue Spring Map
Submitted By: Carl Puglisi


199, Union St, Hingham, MA 02043, US

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