Spring percolating on gravelly slopes into concrete troughs. As above, accessible via spur on Mt Herbert Walkway. About 2/3rds of the way up the hill, take the 4WD track on the eastern side spur. S.172° 44 min 293 seconds, E.43° 40 min 353 seconds.
"Near to the spring are the remains a burnt-totara stump. This is the final remnant of an amazing forest made up of these majestic trees. The tree was cut down by farmers in 1923 to provide a home for a few sheep. Honora Renwick: "You know, those guys who constantly proclaim that they are the guardians for the land.
Nearest Address

Ridge from DH to Mt Herbert
Directions from the Nearest Address

Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Banks Peninsula is not open for lambing during August-October inclusive. Kaituna landowner, Hon David Carter, has made it clear on his website the track to the Packhorse will be closed for 6 weeks only from August to Mid September. This may explain why the 3-month term is not accurate. Due to minor damage sustained in the earthquake of September 4, 2010, all tracks are currently closed.
S.172 degrees 44 mins 293 seconds and E.43 degree 40 minutes 353 second
Map Link: Mt Herbert Cold Water Spring Map
Honora RenwickSubmitted

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