The water flows from underneath the mountain where is located the sky center Le Massif. It flows constantly and does not stop. There is plenty of water even when it is minus 40 degrees outside. The spring is open to all residents. A small city regularly sends an inspector to inspect the water for contamination. In the end, the water is always clean. Recent photos from a school where children used to drink water were shown by my grandmother's sister. There is something I love about it. That water has been a staple in the lives of my grandparent's family for over half of their lives. Make sure to have someone with you to help you haul the bottles up on the road if your goal is to get 18.9L water bottles.
Nearest Address
Directions from the Nearest Address

These GPS coordinates are not precise because I used google Earth to obtain them. It is located between the steep roadway and the small wood bridge at the St-Laurence River’s side. The spring is approximately 3 meters lower than road level. It is important that you park your car at the side of this road. There are very few people who drive downhill at speeds exceeding 50 km/h. The spring is not located on the side with the forest. It will be on the other side on the St-Laurence River. You will hear water from a pipe if you are walking along the side road. An orange flag is sometimes tied to the bushes to make it easy for people to spot.
Important Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Municipalite de Petite-Riviere-St-Francois Spring Map
47:16:44N, 70:34:12W
Submitted By: Thomas Lavoie


29, Rue Émile-Gagné, Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, QC G0A, CA

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