While we do not recommend that you jump in, Paralana hotsprings can still be seen while hiking around Wooltana (just north of Arkaroola). Paralana Hot Springs is the only one left. As the water rises from earth, it passes through Mount Painter. Mount Painter contains high levels of radioactive chemicals.
This hot spring was popular as a tourist attraction in the early 1900's. Because of its radioactive thermal bathe, people would travel to the area for a spa day. This was not realized until a few years later. Today, the hot spring is more popular for photos than it is for actual healing. The hot spring's temperature is 57 degrees Celsius. It also emits gas from constant bubbles.
Paralana hot springs are worth visiting if you plan to go on an adventure around Arkaroola. This area has been the subject of many studies to find out how fossils interact with groundwater. It's not necessary to be a scientist to appreciate its beauty or the surrounding scenery.

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