Spring can be found in the picnic area near Petrofka, which is 63 km north from Saskatoon Costco. Continue 2 km north from the highway 12 bridge crossing the north Saskatchewan River. Turn left on 781 and then immediately go into the picnic area. Stay left at the first Y and second Y on the road. The parking area is 50m after the second Y. Continue on the trail for about 10m and you'll see it.
It is a large PVC tube with high flow rates. In just 10 seconds, it can fill a 5 Gallon jug. You should wear pants and a jacket in the summer because there are tons of mosquitos. You can keep feet dry, but it's hard. I only wear flip-flops.
Sign indicates to boil for liability purposes. I have been drinking it for six months. I was introduced to a man who has been using it for 20+ years. He just put it through a charcoal filter.
When I get a chance, I'll add photos.
(I found this information in the comments below Gabriel's spring. The drive is also captured on video.



, , Blaine Lake, SK S0J, CA

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