Pettingill Spring is a private spring that is located in Killingly. Bob and Linda Taber are the owners. You can contact them to arrange a visit. Email Bob Taber at, or call 860-774-4263. About 50,000 gallons of water are drawn daily from the spring. You can see the small pipe, which was inserted approximately seven feet into the spring. The plastic pipe can be used to draw water directly from this depth, instead of the spring pond which feeds the water falls. NO CLAIM IS MADE ASTO THE FITNESS FOR ANY USE OR MISUSE OF THIS WATER SPRING. This property is ours for 12 years. The property covers 20 acres and includes a rustic log cabin and two water falls. This property will be sold at some point as we are in the 70's and have plenty of other activities. Have a wonderful day. Bob


34, Pettingill Rd, Dayville, CT 06241, US

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