This water doesn't have a spout and flows straight off the rock faces, down to the East Verde River. The area is easy to access, but it's not clean.
Nearest Address

Payson, Arizona 85541
Directions starting from the nearest address

Start at Payson in Arizona
Turn RIGHT onto HOUSTON MESSA RD/NF-199. Continue following HOUSTON MESSA RD. Turn RIGHT onto CONTROL Rd/NF-64. Turn SLIGHTLY LEFT onto NF-191 (Portions unpaved). Turn RIGHT and continue on NF-199 (Portions Unpaved). Turn RIGHT onto N-32 (Portions not paved). End at Washington Park, AZ
From the parking lot, the three-quarter-mile journey to the spring at Washington Park Trailhead is possible. The path continues north on a gentle slope for approximately 70 yards, crossing the river. This spot is about a dozen feet wide by 10 inches in depth. The path crosses a shallow, shallow pool with monkey flowers and stepping stones provide a dry crossing. Shortly after reaching the Highline Trail, (No. We turn left onto an old, overgrown logging route that runs parallel to the river.
You can see the visible scars left by the 1990 Dude Fire from a 150-yard walk up the road among fir trees and ponderosa. The fury of the flames can be seen in blackened logs. Sweet white blossoms decorate a dense of raspberry bushes, while Gambel oaks blaze the way to the new slope. Downed trees line the road and are a hindrance to hiking. Bushwhacking to your left can help avoid the logjam, but experienced hikers will have great fun climbing over the logs.
After about 100 yards of careful picking, the tangled logs are gone and we can see in the grass the first rusted tools from the old hatchery. The meadow of a hatchery is visible after another 200 yards of casual walking.
It is evident by the presence of a little pipe or some timeworn metal. The meadow is decorated with maple and apple trees. The former holding ponds were filled with green and adorned with tiny fan blade-shaped vincas with periwinkle-colored blooms.
This stream is cold and the birthplace for the spring is only 100 feet away. The spring can be found by climbing through a raspberry thicket. The slope is surrounded by a dense forest of cut-leaf conflowers. Water flows down the slope.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Pieper Street Map Spring
Submitted By: Andrew Fiala


228, S Jefferson Dr, Payson, AZ 85541, US

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