Radium Springs is a warm, single-temperature pool that's around 90°F. It is located just a few miles from Radium. This spring is at the base 60 foot high cliff from which thrill-seekers often leap into the Colorado river. After that, you can swim straight over to the hot pool of 20 feet diameter and get warm. It is easiest to just float down the Colorado in a kayak or raft. It's about a 20-minute walk on foot, and a more dangerous and difficult drive in a 4-by-4. It's a beautiful place. A person created a natural hot tub by stacking rocks in an oval.
Nearest Address

County Road 111, Radium, Colorado
Directions from the Nearest Address
Turn west on I 70 to Highway 40. Follow 40 to Kremmling. Turn left onto Highway 9, drive 2 miles to Trough Springs Rd. Turn right. Follow the jeep road for about 12 miles. Follow the jeeproad for approximately a mile to the overlook of river. Walk upstream to the hot spring by climbing down to the river. It's located below a large outcrop of rock.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Latitude: 39.96013 Longitude: -106.54005
Map Link: Radium Hot Springs Map
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6709, County Rd 11, Bond, CO 80423, US

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