Clonmel's Saint Patrick's well is one of Ireland's largest holy wells. It is located at the bottom a long set winding steps and is shaded by some trees in a small green. It is surrounded by a small island and the waters flowing from the well into the pond. The cross may date back to at least the fifth century. This area has a large holy spring and is surrounded by many other sites. It is surprising how little we know about it. But it is believed that Saint Patrick visited this site and may have used the place to bathe or baptize.
The well itself is within a stone enclosure. There is a small gate to access the well, which was unfortunately locked when I visited. The waters rise up from the limestone below into a gravel-bottomed swimming pool. It bubbles up and then flows into a channel with a Y-shaped channel. The plaque, which is simple and very attractive, can be found at the bottom of the well. It depicts Saint Patrick.

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