Martin Shatley, an 1890 summer day visitor, stopped at a mountain stream to cool his skin and took a few minutes to wash his hands. A few hours later, he noticed that the crippling skin condition that had plagued Shatley for years seemed to have disappeared. (Shatley's personal testimonial) People began flocking to Shatley Springs for relief from various skin ailments, stomach problems, and nervous disorders. The spring was just a hole in ground that was covered with rocks at the time. Because there weren't any facilities around the spring, people who visited the site often stayed in tents and stayed with local families. Numerous pamphlets praising the curative powers and healing properties of the spring were published. Martin Shatley, who had sold the land around the springs to start a movement for the construction of a resort there, moved to Wilkes County. The spring was not sold by Shatley, but he continued to return each summer to soak in the waters. Shatley began early development of the resort with the construction of a small bathhouse. It contained a bench, heater and a bathtub made of sheet iron. The water they bathed in was heated outside by a black iron pot. Martin Shatley, who was becoming more ill, sold the spring to Alonzo McNeill and Bid Williams. The spring building was renovated by new owners who added a cement enclosure to it and covered it with a new cover. Radium springs was given its current name after it was discovered that the water contained traces of Radium. Cabins and a tearoom were constructed in the 1920's. In 1927, one truckload brought $840 for 600 gallons. The water was then bottled. Mr. Williams acquired the interest of all other owners and changed Shatley Springs' name. He was the original owner of the spring from 1958 to 1958, when it passed to Lee Q. McMillan. The springs were discovered by Martin Shatley. Since then, thousands of people have gained new health through the water which flows out from Little Phoenix Mountain. It contains many elements and is one of the best springs in the entire world. People still drink Shatley Springs water because of its curative properties. Even though the resort is closed for the winter, many people still keep large containers of the water. The water can be kept for several months without losing its freshness. The spring is always open and the water is completely free.
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407 Shatley Springs Road
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Hours Spring Open
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546, State Rd 1574, Crumpler, NC 28617, US

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