The spring is well-known by locals, but Slovenia's tap water is clean. This is a country that has no water problems. It was found by chance while visiting Slovenia in 2010. It is mixed by small rivers, unpaved pathways,bushes, and local farmers.
The spring is here:
The directions are: Take the Dolenjska Cesta from Ljubljana. It will turn into route 106. Continue on to Skofljica, 2 miles from Ljubljana. Pass through the Lavrica Village. Pay attention. Roads can be quite confusing, or even dangerously confusing if you are using American English. There are many twists and turns, so you need to find route 728 to Ig. As much as possible, keep to the right. You'll be on the right side of 728 after you turn. Continue on that direction. Turn left if you have more than 5 inches of clearance. After 1/4 mile you meet a mini river. To the left is a sticking up stainless still faucet with pouring water.

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