It was found in a clearing with trees and a hand pump. It sounds silly, but to prime the pump you must bring a gallon water. You can use a small stream running along a stone wall to priming the pump.
An indication is placed next to the spring. "When Mother Cabrini purchased the property in 1890 to create an orphanage for women, there was no water on its grounds. Mother Cabrini gave instructions to the sisters to dig at this spot by the grace and power of God. Water came forth, which continues today to flow and provide water for St. Cabrini's children."
Additional info:
Nearest Address

Route 9W Barry Dr. West Park NY 124993 845-384-6500
Directions from the Nearest Address

St. Cabrini church will be on the east side (the Hudson) of 9W. Just past it, there will be a blue sign. Turn left at the blue sign. Rt. 9W north takes a turn, Rt. 9W south takes a turn. Once you enter the parking lot, bear left at the fork. The road will go around the back and up a hill. After a mile, the road will continue straight ahead. Just past the pool, the road will turn left.
Vital Information
Hours of Spring Open
From sunrise to sunset
Map Link: St. Cabrini spring Map
Submitted By: Sherri & Anthony


2055, United States Highway 9W, Highland, NY 12528, US

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