Washington is rich in hot springs. All over Washington, there are both artificial and natural hot springs. Sulphur Hot Spring is the best choice if you want the former.
You should make the trail your main adventure while you are at this place. Although the natural hot springs remain a delight, the trails are easygoing and entertaining.
You will walk for a mile along the trail. You should be careful when following the path. Sulphur Hot Springs isn't as popular as you might expect, so the trail may not be as straight-forward as you would like. You can still follow the route to reach the hot springs, provided you stay on the right path.
After the first mile, you'll need to continue hiking for a few minutes. However, it's not very steep. The log bridge will be your next stop. You can continue on the trail until you reach this log. The trail is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful old trees that line the trail.
The hot spring itself can only accommodate two people. It can hold only two people, but you could fit three if you add in at least one child. It makes a great getaway for your family or as a romantic way to bond with your partner. It is intimate and special because of that. Few people visit this hot spring because it isn't a resort or main public hotspring.
If you happen to be alone, you will have the privacy you need when you're at other resorts.
The pool is small, and the hot spring's water temperature is usually at 90F.
It's highly recommendable to visit here during the daylight.


, , Darrington, WA 98241, US

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