Takhini Hot Springs can be found near Whitehorse (Yukon) and is a popular place for travelers to visit. It is open from October through April. A hot and a warm pool were both created by the local company.
At 118 degrees, the water is rising from the ground and it is cooled to approximately 107 degrees in a hot pool and 97 degrees at the warm pool. You should go back and forth to each hotspring to get maximum healing benefits.
Takhini Hot Springs has the unique quality of not having the sulfur smell of other pools. According to research, hot water rises from two faults and is mixed with water which absorbs into the ground. When the water is heated, many minerals melt to create the natural water we can enjoy. This can take 60 years to get the water into the Takhini Pools.
The hair freezing contest is also available if you visit the hot spring in Canada in February. It sounds odd, but it is an annual tradition. You will see incredible hairstyles that seem to freeze in no time.
Monday 12pm - 10pm
Tuesday 12 noon to 10 pm
Wednesday 12pm-10pm
Thursday, 12pm to 10pm
Friday, 12pm-10pm
Saturday, 12 - 10 p.m.
Sunday 12 noon to 10 pm
Adults $12.50
Seniors $11.00
Youth $10.00
Children $9.00
All below 3 are free
Towels: 3$
Swimsuit: 3$
Towel & Bathing Suit - 5$


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