You will find the highly-respected Travertine Hot Springs south of Bridgeport, located in the valley with the same name.
You can enjoy the magnificent views of the Eastern Sierra's Sawtooth Ridge from the hot pools located on Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest land. The hot pools also offer wide-open skies that are perfect for stargazing.
The ADA-accessible, cement walled tub that is the largest of the four pools is right next to parking. This pool can be quite hot so you should do a toe dunk test before you plunge in. It can boil water. Be careful.
From the bathroom, a short trail leads through travertine rocks to the main group of hot springs. Geothermal soaking pools are still created by rock and mud walls, with clay travertine bases. The three smaller pools are situated overlooking the desert Valley. Two additional pools are located further down the trail.
Travertine hot springs are famous for covering their bodies in clay and not wearing swimsuits. Each pool has enough space for three people, and the largest pool can accommodate 6 people.
There are no access fees
A pit toilet is available in the parking lot
It is not necessary to wear clothing in the hot springs area. Nudity is a common feature.
Winter weather is harsh on the access road.
Travertine is the most well-known area for hot springs
The hot springs do not allow glass.
Remember to pack it in and take it with you!
On the dirt road that leads to Travertine, dispersed camping only is permitted. One of the pullouts can be used to rest your exhausted head. These camping spots do not have any facilities so be ready to be completely self-contained. It is not allowed to camp at the springs.
It was once home to the Paiute Native American Tribe. The hot springs are believed to have been created in the name of Isha, one the overseers. It is now a popular tourist spot and has changed from being a sacred and spiritual location to becoming a popular tourist destination.
Travertine is a Limestone type. It was mined for approximately 60 tons in mid-1890s. It was mostly used to build luxury buildings. It is the source of stone that was used to make San Fransisco City Hall.
Just a quarter-mile south of Bridgeport is Highway 395. Turn west (left). This will take you to Jack Sawyer Road (a unpaved road that isn't marked). It quickly turns into a dirt road. Continue along the graded dirt road approximately one mile to the parking area.
Jack Sawyer Road must be kept clear of snow during winter. When visiting winter, please exercise extreme caution.
Season: All (access road might be impassable if wet, and may not be maintained during winter)
Type: Roadside (1-mile of dirt road driving).
GPS: 38.2458651 -119.2054099
Map Quad: Big Alkali
Elevation 6750 ft
Land: Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest
Restrictions: It is not recommended to camp near hot springs or use a high-clearance vehicle.
Usage: High
Visibility Low
Temp: 102
Water Clarity: Murky
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: Benton Hot Springs. Buckeye Hot Springs. Hilltop Hot Springs. Wild Willy's Hot Springs.
Closest Food/Gas: Bridgeport
Trash: High
Moderate Bugs
Moderate Wildlife
Camping: Primitive camping along a 1-mile dirt track is prohibited near or at the hot springs.
Clothing is optional
Pit Toilet: Yes, located in the parking lot


, , Bridgeport, CA 93517, US

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