This spring can be found in Tubs Springs State Park. It is maintained by Oregon Park Service. It is equipped with a garden-hose spout. It runs through an ultraviolet light purification process and is regularly checked. Excellent water quality.
Histories: The Applegate Trail, which is now known as the Applegate Trail, was established in 1846 by a wagon train that Jesse Applegate led. Tub Springs Wayside can be found just before you make your descent into Ashland. You can feel the history of 150 years ago by stopping here in the midst of tall fir. Take a deep breath and enjoy the mountain air. A panel with an interpretive message is available at the roadside, which describes the difficulties these pioneers had to overcome. Tub Springs derives its name from the tubs, which were constructed in the 1930s to provide water for travelers. They are still functional today, even though they have been renovated. The springs that supplied fresh water to early settlers still flow.
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Greensprings Inn, 11470 Highway 66 Ashland OR 97520
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12306, Highway 66, Ashland, OR 97520, US

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