It is a free flowing, continuous-flowing spring. It is maintained and managed by the State of Minnesota. The water flow is directed by pipes which have been plumbed to the spring. These pipes are basic, but they work well enough to get the water you need. The spring is surrounded with a simple park. It is also near the river. Potholes and cracks remain in the asphalt parking lot. You should be careful when driving into this tiny parking lot. The roadside rest has an unmarked driveway that is steep and poorly maintained, just off Highway 22. The park's wayside rest is located at the bottom of the valley, between two hills that are passed by the highway.
A Memorial Marker is located at this spring's wayside rest. This marker reads: Victory Highway in memory of those who served in World Wars I or II. Sponsored and maintained by the Mankato Garden Club with the American Legion, corporation of the Department of Highways. 1958 is the centennial year.
Nearest Address

This spring can be found at two addresses. Christa View Drive and the 190th Lane (also known as township road 292 or township road 292) are where you will find this spring. It can be found on the right side of the highway going south from Mankato, Mn. It is located at the end of the guard rails and just before the road becomes double-lane. This siderest is poorly marked.
Directions from the Nearest Address
To go south on Highway 22, Mankato, Mn. to Mankato, Mn. the wayside rest can be found on the right between two hills in the valley.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
This spring is available all year round and at all hours of day. In winter, snow plows remove snow from the roads and block the access to the rest area. If they park along the roadside, a person could cross the area and get water from the spring. Because traffic moves at 60 miles per hour most of the time, this is dangerous. It is possible to park in front of the park and walk to the water source.
Map Link: Victory Highway Memorial Spring.
Chris Black


18886, State Hwy 22, Mankato, MN 56001, US

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