If you enter the street address, you will find yourself at the end of the road with no signs for parking. If you've driven, it is okay to park and take water. GIS maps can be confusing. There is a bridge over Boeckeman Creek at the end of the road. However, don't panic, you're close. Cross the bridge over Boeckeman Creek and you will find a gravel parking lot. Wilsonville Community Garden will be to your right. A gated road runs through the garden and leads to a brick structure that is also a pumphouse for a well. Follow the gravel road to the building. There is another fenced area on your left. Continue towards the building by passing it on your left with the garden to your right. Follow the footpath towards forest. The sunken area will be marked with cattails approximately 50 yards beyond the garden. This is the entrance to the forest. This is where you will find the spring, which is just to your right. You will see a 6" pipe that leads to the spring. If you look closely, it is difficult to locate. In June 2009, the area around the spring was mowed. You should bring a machete or at minimum a shirt with sleeves and pants.
"Interesting note": This area used to be the Nike Corporate Headquarters. But it was never built. It now houses 3/4 acre community gardening space. Another interesting point: A hydrologist was collecting data on the city's water wells. Although rarely used, he told me. According to him, the water should have the highest quality since the aquifer comes from the Southwest side Mt Hood and travels 400' underground before reaching Wilsonville. He stated that the water was melt water from snowpack since the temperatures are cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter. Alec: "I consumed it daily for 6 month and my health improved every day."
Nearest Address
7524 SW Kolbe Lane Wilsonville OR 97070
Directions from the Nearest Address
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
The hours of operation at parks can vary according to the season
Map Link: Wilsonville Community Spring map
Submitted By: Alec


7555, SW Kolbe Ln, Wilsonville, OR 97070, US

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