Since childhood, I have been consuming Wolf's Den Spring water. It is not known if this is the correct name but it was what grandfather Phaon called it whenever he collected water from the spring at his cabin. It tastes great, but can develop a mineral taste in dry areas or during droughts. However, the water has never dried out. Grandfather Phaon stated that it is tested every few years. This was something I never confirmed. Grandfather Phaon also mentioned that Wolf's Den Spring is used by locals since years. This was also the place where churchgoers would go on Sundays back when Shin Hollow Rd was still in use.

The spring is directly across the street. I have seen other people filling their containers quite often. It is situated right after an abandoned strip mine. The water currently flows through a PVC tube. Enjoy!


11, Laurel Crest Rd, Westfield, PA 16950, US

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