Islamic history states that Hagar was shown the Zamzam Well.
Second wife of Abraham and mother to Ismail Islamic
Tradition has it that she desperately needed water for her infant son.
Could not find any as Mecca lies in a hot valley with few inhabitants.
Sources of water According to Muslim tradition Hagar ran seven times.
And so forth, in the scorching heat between Safa's two hills.
Marwah, searching for water. Ismail is becoming more thirsty by the day.
With his feet, he raked the earth and water suddenly sprung forth. There
Other versions of this story involve God sending his angel.
Gabriel, who kicked on the ground with his heel.
Traditionally, the name of this well comes from the phrase Zome Zome.
It means "stop", which is, according legend, a command repeated repeatedly by
Hagar trying to stop the spring water from getting out.
According to Islamic tradition Abraham rebuilt Bait-ul-Allah
("House of God") near
The well's site, where a building was built.
Adem originally built it, and today it's called the Kaaba.
Building towards which all Muslims worldwide pray, five
times each day. The Zamzam Well is approximately 20 m (66ft).
east of Kaaba
Researchers at King Saud University have reported that minerals mass concentrations are high:
Sodium 133 mg/L (4.8x10-6 lb/cu in)
Calcium 96 mg/L (3.5x10-6 lb/cu in)
Magnesium 38.88 mg/L (1.405x10-6 lb/cu in)
Potassium 43.3 mg/L (1.56x10-6 lb/cu in)
Bicarbonate 195.4 mg/L (7.06x10-6 lb/cu in)
Chloride 163.3 mg/L (5.90x10-6 lb/cu in)
Fluoride 0.72 mg/L (2.6x10-8 lb/cu in)
Nitrate 124.8 mg/L (4.51x10-6 lb/cu in)
Sulfate 124.0 mg/L (4.48x10-6 lb/cu in)
pH 8
Total dissolve alkalinity 835mg/L (3.2x10-5 lb/cuin).

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