The El Questro Wilderness Park offers some of Australia's most spectacular hikes and tours. Start at the Gorge for a full- or half-day tour that takes you through the forests, stopping to admire scenic waterfalls and lush vegetation. You will also find Zebedee Hot Springs.
Zebedee Springs is just a short stroll from the forest. For the ultimate experience, you can either relax in natural thermal pools or head over to the waterfall. It's only one of the many things you can do at El Questro Wilderness Park. But it's something we highly recommend.
You will find hot springs all over the region, with spectacular views at each. As you unwind under the trees, there is a lot to see and enjoy. After your soak is over, you can take a hike in the million-acre wilderness from Zebedee Hot Springs.
Emma Gorge has luxury accommodation and facilities for those who plan to stay over the night. If you are looking for more of a day spa experience, you should visit as many attractions as possible.
El Questro Gorge: Includes a section with a pool and watering hole.
Champagne Springs – For more adventurous adventurers who end up at beautiful springs and waterfalls.
Moonshine Gorge: This trail offers scenic views of Australia from a circular position and has several swimming pools.
Chamberlain Gorge -- If you would like to explore the open waters, book the boat tour.
El Questro Wilderness Park is popular for its backpacking, fishing, camping, and other activities. Here you will find amazing resorts where you can enjoy delicious meals at their restaurants, and then sleep on top-quality sheets all night.

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