Austin Hot Springs can be found approximately 60 miles away from Portland on Highway 224. Natural hot springs heated by volcanic activity are located in and around the Clackamas River, surrounded by the majestic Mt. Hood National Forest.
Depending on the season there may be several rock pools near the river that could be suitable for qualification.
Austin's 200+ degree heat waves can cause severe burns so be careful when you are soaking in the spring. There are safe places to soak. However, be careful not to get too hot. You can use a waterproof digital thermometer to locate burst spots.
Continue 30 miles southeast from Estacada on HWY 224. This becomes the Clackamas River Road. The pools can be found approximately 4 miles east at River Ford Campground. They are situated along the far side Clackamas River.
Season: Summer, Autumn (avoid spring runoff, access roads often closed during winter).
Type: Roadside
GPS: 45.021 122.009
Map Quad: FISHCREEK MT. 15 (or Mount Hood National Forest Map).
Elevation: 1,750
Private Land
No fee
Restrictions officially closed
Usage: High
Visibility High
Temp: 116-105 (use thermometer)
Water Clarity: Semi Clear
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: Clackamas River
Closest Food/Gas: Estacada
Trash: High
Bugs: Moderate-High (seasonally)
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: Nearby, no on-site
Mix of Clothing
Pit Toilet No


, , Marylhurst, OR 97036, US

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