Breitenbush hotsprings is located in the Willamette National Forest and offers a tranquil hot soak in a wooded setting.
As if having access to Oregon's natural hot springs was not enough, guests staying overnight receive three vegetarian meals per day as well as the opportunity to attend holistic yoga and EDGU programs.
Breitenbush is a private geothermal plant that is the largest in the Pacific Northwest. There are more than 20 miles worth of trails. You can also find a sanctuary, conference centre, gift shop, and other accommodations.
Breitenbush, due to its location in the mountains, is "off-the-grid" and in compliance with their sustainability policies. The property receives heat and electricity from hydropower and geothermal power.
There is no TV, cell service or internet. You should also note that you cannot have pets, alcohol, or recreational drugs.
Breitenbush offers more than just a traditional hot springs resort. You can disconnect and be in touch with nature, your fellow human beings, and yourself, no matter how long you stay.
Reservations are required
Breitenbush has seven hot springs pools. Spiral tubs can be found closer to the river than the lodge. Below an open sky, there are four concrete tubs that have been sunken and are of different temperatures. You can place your belongings on a covered bench.
Each pool comfortably seats between four and six people. The Spiral tubs can also be used as a cold plunge for mineral water. This has been done by submerging copper pipes in the river.
Another option for soaking is the Sacred Meadow Pools. Three pools with river rock walls overlook the Breitenbush and forested Ridgelines. The third is reserved for silent contemplation.
All pools are temperature-controlled and clothing is not required.
The Steam Sauna can be accessed from a small cedar log cabin located above a hot springs stream. This cabin can hold up to 12 people. The deck also has a refreshing cold water tub that is perfect for plunging or refreshing.
Day rates for adults on a sliding scale are $22-$38. Children between 5 and 12 years old pay half the rate while children younger than 4 years old get free. The payment must be made in advance. It is non-refundable.
Reservations must made in advance
Overnight guests have the opportunity to enjoy a hot bath under the stars. Breitenbush offers many overnight accommodations. You will find the right one for you.
It is the responsibility of visitors to bring their own bedding. Towels and bedding can be rented. FYI: There are no phones/Internet access at Breitenbush. You and Mother Nature will have to do all the work.
All overnight guests will receive three vegetarian buffet-style organic meals, which are part of the nightly price.
Lodging Fees
Rates for personal and tent vehicles vary from $77 to $86, per night.
Based on the time of the year, the rates for platform tents and dormitories can range between $72-$100/might.
The rates for lodge rooms and cabins vary depending on the time of the year.
More than 150 events, conferences, and workshops take place at Breitenbush hot springs throughout the year. These facilities include the following:
Native Americans were the first people to benefit from the numerous benefits of Breitenbush hotsprings. They would travel hundreds of kilometers to fish, hunt, harvest berries, and then use the springs as a ritual purification or healing tool.
John Minto led an expedition into the North Santiam Canyon in 1873. Along the way, he met John Breightenbush, a one-armed hunter. Named after him, the hot springs are now named for him.
Breitenbush is a place with a colorful past among its trees and mountains. It has been through many changes of ownership, but it saw a kind of revival in 1977 when Alex Beamer purchased the land. His intention was to create an intentional community in order to run a retreat and conference facility.
It took years to restore the property. In 1981, the Breitenbush was reopened to those who wanted to take part in celebrations, workshops, or personal retreats.
In 1985, the Breitenbush cooperative was formed by the community who had come together in care of this special place. More than 20 miles have been reclaimed by friends and members of the community. Breitenbush hotsprings has been around for over 35 years and the community is still thriving.
Season All
Type: Roadside
GPS: 44.782 121.975
Map Quad: BREITENBUSH Hot Springs 15
Elevation: 2,225 ft
Land: Private (Commercial).
Fee: Yes. You can check current rates or make reservations
Restrictions: Reservations required
Usage: High
Moderate visibility
Temp: Varies/pool
Water clarity
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: Breitenbush River
Detroit is the closest city to get gas/food
Trash: Low
Moderate Bugs
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: Summer only
Clothing is optional
Pit toilet


53000, Breitenbush Rd SE, Detroit, OR 97342, US

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