Caesar was the original name for Caesar's well. The well was unfortunately abandoned by the government in the early 20th century. A boring was installed to allow the spring water to flow through a standpipe and into an enormous cistern.
The spring does not stay continuous due to low water pressure.
September 2015 was my first visit. The water temperature was at 12°C. The tds reading read 90 ppm.
Head towards the Common if you're walking to the spring via Wimbledon High Street. Take the straight road to the right of Rushmere Pond. You'll come to Canizaro Road. Simply cross it and walk until you reach Camp Road. A pink house will be on your right before you see the Fox & Grapes Pub. Follow Camp Road to the start of the golf court. Follow the Sunset Road, the main path that runs between the golf courses, and you will see a white gate. Follow this road all the way until you see Springwell Cottage (or Springwell Cottage) to your right. There is also a small parking area in front. You will see the well and spring ahead.
If you're driving or cycling, take the High Street exit and turn right onto The Causeway. Then, follow it to Camp Road, and then turn left onto Sunset Road. You can park at this bottom and continue walking.
Take the path that has the logs on it, slightly to the left. This is the shortest route. Follow this path straight and turn left. Soon you will reach a clearing dotted with tall pine trees. You will find the un-drinkable well in the middle. It is possible to walk downhill towards the well and reach the cistern, where the spring water flows. You should hear it.

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