A charming little hotspring resort in the desert located about 45 minutes west from Phoenix on the 1-10. It's great for road trips and road fatigue. They also offer accommodation and massage. However, I have never had a massage or stayed there. There are private soaking tubs and a nude area. The nude area is $7.50 an hour and there are frequent soakers cards available for $7.50. 8.2 PH and no sulfer, iron or smell. There is some lithium as well. It was also owned by the original owner, who contributed greatly to the Hotsprings books. You can still pick up copies of both the southwest and pacific northwest books.
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Nearest Address

41225 Indian school Rd.
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Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Everyday, 9AM - 9PM
Map Link: El Dorado Hot Springs Map
Jaya Love


41051, W Indian School Rd, Tonopah, AZ 85354, US

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