Hengstler's Spring, which is known for its purity throughout the region, is often visited by dozens locals and tourists to nearby historic sites. It flows for about 100 feet through marshy soil, and then emerges through a plain spring box with bright orange PVC pipe. This can be accessed from a small parking spot. All parts of this spring are in good condition. There is even a sturdy metal grates to hold onto while filling it up.
Nearest Address

Pithole Rd.
Directions from the Nearest Address

Pleasantville, PA: Take Rt. 36 for approximately three miles. Turn left onto Pithole Rd. Continue on Pithole Rd. Continue on Pithole Rd.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Hengster’s Spring Map
Submitted by: minqua


15898, Bailey Rd, Pleasantville, PA 16341, US

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