Immortal Spring is a true living testament to its name. This spring rises from the top a large hill to a carefully constructed spring house with rubber tubing. It is then carried a short distance along the roadside. The Immortal Spring flows continuously and is very strong.
Nearest Address

Old Warren Pike road.
Directions from the Nearest Address
Pleasantville, PA: Take Rt. 36 approximately 2 miles. - Turn left onto Pike Rd. You will travel approximately 2 miles along Pike Rd. Spring is on the right side. Parking available everywhere
Old Warren Pike road will take you 6 miles. It is a bumpy dirt road.
You should check your speedometer when you pull onto Old Warren Pike road. After crossing over two roads, Old Warren Pike will not be visible.
Keep going straight on the road to the right ...... the spring can be found at the end of the road in a valley. You can place a 5-gallon bottle underneath the rubber pipe to fill it.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
GPS: Unknown
Submitted By: minqua, Taylor Call


1291, Woodcock Rd, Pleasantville, PA 16341, US

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