Mountain runoff is coming through pvc pipe. Amazing cold water, pure and clean!
This water is incredible! It's easy to get and it can be busy on weekends. It has been a popular drink for about a year. I have met others who have tried it. Some people have tried it and said it is very good.
Nearest Address

To get to Mission, take Hwy 7 East for 30 minutes. The mountain is on your right. Abbotsford is approximately 1 hour away if you are taking Hwy #1. Follow signs for Hwy 7 West to Bridal falls, past Chilliwack. You will see a yellow sign at the post along the side of Hwy 7 West.
Directions starting from the nearest address

Turn east on Hwy #1 and take the Bridal Falls exit #135. It is approximately 10 minutes past Chilliwack. For another 15 to 20 min, pass Minter Gardens, and then follow the signs for Hwy #7 West. The road will take you through Agassiz. You will eventually come to a huge dairy farm to your right. From there, the road will take you up a mountain. The spring is located about 3-4 minutes away from the dairy farm. You will find the spring hidden by a yellow sign placed on a pole (see pix). There is enough space for several vehicles to park on the side just next to this spring. The statue used to spew out water, but was removed by the city. You can drive about 30 minutes from Mission by taking the #7 East. The spring will be to your left. If the mountain is down, you have gone too far. Look out for the yellow sign.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Andrea Wiens


, , Agassiz, BC V0M, CA

Don't Forget Your Filter

Life Straw removes 99.999% of waterborn parasites so it is essential if you're drinking from an unknown water source. With proper use it provides 4,000 liters of clean and safe drinking water.

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