Jemez Springs Bath House, established in 1876, offers hot springs pools and spa services in the Jemez valley. It is located 60 miles north from Albuquerque in northern New Mexico.
The Village of Jemez Springs is responsible for managing the resort. It is a non-profit organisation, and all proceeds go back to Village. It's open every day of the year except Wednesdays, Easter and Thanksgiving. It is closed every Wednesday for maintenance of the Bath House.
A gift shop sells souvenirs and beauty products as well as jewelry, books, and bottled water. It is encouraged that you bring your own water. You are welcome to come in, but reservations are advised during peak weekends or holidays.
Hot Springs Pools
These baths are available in both hot and cool mineral forms. You can choose to soak for 25 minutes or 50 minutes in one of 8 cement tubs. The temperature can be set by the bather. In private tubs, swimsuits are not required. No children under 14 years old are allowed. No outdoor tubs are currently available.
Water comes from underground, heated geothermally to 159 - 189 degrees Fahrenheit. Some is diverted to a storage tank where it is cooled overnight. This provides a more pleasant and safer soak.
Some of the minerals that were found are: silicates, sodium, magnesium and potassium.
Spa Treatments
You can choose from blanket or herbal wraps. They also come with a 25 minute mineral-water soak. You also have the option of deep tissue, Swedish, or 60-minute massages. For 10-30 minutes, you can have a chair massage. They are performed by licensed therapists in one of the four private spa rooms.
The in-house esthetician can provide services as well as wraps or massages. These services also include:
60-minute skin treatment enzyme body script
60 minute body scrub
30 minute skin brushing
30 minute enzyme facial
Micro derm add-on
30 minute treatment for the back of the skin
30- or 60-minute face treatment


62, Jemez Springs Plz, Cuba, NM 87013, US

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