Hot springs-consisting three pools with different temperatures. The top springs consist of a hot water pool -- the temperature of which is unknown to me at this time. It feeds into both the lower and upper pools. The largest pool, the top pool, has vegetation at the lower end. The second pool, which is more warm and has more vegetation, contains Rio Grande Silvery Minnows, an endangered species. The minnows seem to be unaffected by visitors who enjoy the springs. It is important to remember that minnows can be endangered and are protected. The third pool, which is cooler, flows down the mountain into the creek, which eventually feeds into Rio Grande River. ....Sacred site of Native Americans The area is home to a number of petroglyphs!
Nearest Address

Between Battleship Rock & Jemez Falls, Jemez Springs New Mexico
Directions starting from the nearest address
Just follow the trails that are marked from Battleship Rock to Jemez Falls.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Battleship Rock, west/southwest from the springs, is open year round To and from the springs, it's a three-mile hike. Seasonal: Parking at Jemez Fall camping area is open in Spring. In Winter, it is closed. The hike to campgrounds, which is located north/northeast from the springs, is shorter.
N 35.828357 and E -106.642257
Map Link: McCauley Hot Springs map
Submitted by Annette R. Grant


23100, New Mexico State Road 4, Jemez Springs, NM 87025, US

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