Access to the road is via a rural country road. To fill the area, park on the shoulder. There is no traffic. Spring water flows into the basin via PVC pipe. Clear hoses are available for filling larger 5 liter jugs.
"Well maintained by Leone Family. After a storm, someone always shovels the snow. It's always a pleasure to stop by." - Bodhi Wilkins
Nearest Address

7616 Simpson Road
Directions from the Nearest Address

You can search for 7616 Simpson Road Glen Rock PA 17327 using GOOGLE maps or MAPQUEST. Area located 1/4 mile from the PA MD line in York County PA
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Available 24/7 with motion sensor activated spot lighting at night
Submitted By: Bodhi Wilkins


7414, Simpson Rd, Glen Rock, PA 17327, US

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