A small shed constructed from local stone can be found about six feet away from the road. Water bubbles up from ground to the shed and is stored in a stone tank. The water is protected by the spring house from contamination and sunlight. The water is deep enough that you can dip a 3 gallons glass water bottle in it and then fill it up. Larger bottles will not fit. The water is extremely cold. We didn't test the temperature. It is recommended to wear boots, as sometimes there can be mud around the spring.
Nearest Address
40 Canton Springs Road Canton (Connecticut, 06019)
Directions from the Nearest Address
Follow Canton Springs road to the spring house. It's located close to Oxbow Farm and is just past the cemetary.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Massacoe Spring Chart
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13, Canton Spring Rd, Canton, CT 06019, US

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