Meadow Hot Springs is a popular choice for soaking in Utah. This hot spring is located south of Filmore. Many come here to enjoy a relaxing soak in its natural springs and to be enchanted by the water's quality.
You'd be amazed at how blue the water appears from first glance. The deeper the water is, the darker it becomes. You can feel the authentic experience with the natural stone formations on the sides and floor of the baths.
There are both shallow and deeper pools. The shallower pools have a temperature of around 100 degrees. However, deeper ones can reach up to 120 degrees.
To see the floor, you can also go swimming in the deeper pools. You can see the bottom even without having to dive in, especially at noon when the sun is directly striking the pools.
Three pools are available to you. These are private properties so please read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.
Although there are no entry fees, it is recommended that visitors clean up after themselves. You should respect the environment and be responsible when using it. The rope is woven across the pools to allow you to go in the middle of the water and enjoy its warmth.
Numerous improvements have been made to the property, including a fence and trail. It is open throughout the year, but is more enjoyable in the late spring and early fall. The activity can dehydrate you if you stay for too long.
Nude bathing, shampoos, soaps and nude bathing are also strictly prohibited. To dry off, bring extra towels. Pets are not allowed in the pools.
Cleaning is an effort by the public, as this is not a private property. Bring a large plastic bag to help collect any trash that you see in the area. You can help preserve the beauty of Meadow Hot Springs and Utah by making an extra effort.
Fillmore, UT - Head south along I-15 towards town and take exit 158. Turn left at the stop light, and you will pass underneath the highway. You will pass a small Utah town called Meadow. You'll find a dirt road to your right after you pass the last remaining town to the left. Keep going on this road to the parking lot. You will find the springs within a few minutes of your arrival.


180, S 400 W, Fillmore, UT 84631, US

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