Rediscover the beauty and wonder of Utah's outdoors while relaxing in this gorgeous hot spring. Mystic Hot Springs has the "edge in the wilderness" area where guests can reflect upon modern living.
This popular location takes you to an "unbelievable", and "spectacular", hot spring. This historic location was used as a camping site by the Ute Indians in the past. It was used as a public attraction for hot springs over the years and passed on to new owners. Director Mike Ginsburg and Victoria Ginsburg bought the property in 1995. They transformed it into what it is today.
The minerals in the hot spring have been slowly accumulated over time. The rock formation which beautifies the water flow is extraordinary. The hot spring's temperature is approximately 168F.
Two large pools are available. The first pool has a lower level and is more casual. The second pool is deeper with water heights reaching the shoulders.
There are five unique bathtubs that are cradled by man-made structures. Even though some tubs are artificial, the views remain spectacular. You can fit one person in the tubs, which are scattered all over the property. Two tubs can be found on a hill with views of the mountains and the fish-ponds below.
Six huge fish ponds in Mystic Hot Springs provide a varied environment. The ecosystem of the fishes is strong due to its close proximity to the springs. You are welcome to feed fishes from your table at 4 p.m.
Victoria and Mike take great care of their guests. No matter where you're staying, you can rest assured that you will receive the best care.
You will find a wide range of accommodation options in the 175-acre resort. There are many options for accommodation, including vintage cabins that can be rented from the 1800s and rooms, buses and campsites. You can pick the spot that suits your needs and budget.


590, E 100 N, Monroe, UT 84754, US

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