As you drive through Kootenay National Park you will likely come across one of Canada's largest hot springs. Radium Hot Spring attracts tourists from all around the globe to rejuvenate and relax while enjoying breathtaking views of Sinclair Canyon's Cliffs of Sinclair Canyon.
Two pools of great size are available for a refreshing soak. The larger pool maintains a constant temperature at 103 F. While the smaller hot spring stays at 84 F, it is much more chilled. Many people take a quick dip into the cooler spring to open pores. Then they relax in the larger pool to absorb all the minerals.
Radium Hot Spring offers a full spa service with services such:
Take a break before or after you relax in the springs.
Radium Hot Springs in BC are open all year. Hours may vary and are subject change.
Hot Pool
Cool Pool
It is a popular activity to hike in the area. International tourists will flock to Kootenay National Park each year to discover Canada. Radium is the ideal location for those who want to walk and hike easier trails. They can also rejuvenate in the afternoon.
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How to get to Radium Hot Springs
You will find Radium in the east. Follow highway 93 approximately 2 miles.


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