The spring's outlet can be found right by the road. It is easy to see from the road and is easy to reach. The spring's outlet runs along the side a hill. Since the entire area is a forest state park (Patapsco Valley State Park), there are no buildings or hardscapes visible. I believe the spring's water quality is very high. It appears that there is a steel pipe that runs from the top of the hill to the bottom. The last ten feet are likely to be a pvc pipe. However, the spring is continuously running at a fast speed and I believe this plastic contact has very little effect. The spring tastes nice and cool, even though it was May. The water is refreshing and has a thirst quenching flavor. The spring is found on a road that is often frequented by noisy, fast-moving vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles.
The spring flows at a rate of 1.5 GPM which seems very fast. It is best to test the water for quality.
Nearest Address

8067 Henryton Road Marriottsville MD
Directions from the Nearest Address

Exit on route 32 to the north towards Sykesville, if you're heading east on I 70. For several miles, continue north on route32 until you reach Sykesville. Turn right on Raincliffe Road. Take a left onto Arrington Road. Continue on Henryton Road. Continue on Henryton Road for a short distance. You will see a driveway to your right. Pull into this driveway. When traffic is moving, turn around and cross over to the other side. Just across the driveway is the spring. The shoulder is larger and can be used to park. You can simply empty your bottles and place them on a table near the spring. As needed, fill up! The address I gave is just down the road, where you will find a horse camp.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Henryton Spring Map
Roland Oehme.


7900, Henryton Center Rd, Marriottsville, MD 21104, US

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