You will find a trail that offers views of the Niagara River.
Queeston Spring Bacteria analyis results Oct 20, 2010,
Total Coliform per 100ml: 2
Total E.Coli per 100ml: 0
Nearest Address

88 Queenston St.
Directions from the Nearest Address

Turn right onto Queenston St. at the Niagara Pkwy. Continue to the southeast until you come upon an unmarked road. This unmarked road is located approximately 300m from the Niagara Pkwy/Queenston St. intersection.) Follow the unmarked road to the parking area. You can find the GPS coordinates of the parking area at 43.16888deg North, 079.05581deg West and the coordinates of the spring at 43.16729deg NW, 079.05362degW on the map. It takes approximately 260m to get from the parking area to to the spring.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
43.16729 N. 079.05362 E
Map Link: Queenston Spring Map
Laura Currie.


55, River Frontage Rd, Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON L0S, CA

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